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One nice poem

fflovelife - 10 hours ago

Generating compassion does not mean actually freeing beings from their sufferings; it is wishing that they be free. Of course, if there are things we can do to help, we should do them. Sometimes our efforts will work, sometimes not. The most skilled doctor is unable to cure every patient, and the most courageous rescue worker can't save every life. No matter how strong we may wish someone to be free from a problem, we may not be able to bring this about. We can only try our best, and then accept whatever the result maybe.


Master Class by Priyanka Kothari at AAFT

asiannewsagency - 19 hours ago

Noida: It was lucky day for the department of Acting at Asian Academy of Film And Television when students got an opportunity to interact with renowned film actress Priyanka Kothari at campus.

“Strong determination and focused requirements can get you to a place what you are dreaming for. Continuous efforts and PR exercise is the requirement of the trade,” said Priyanka Kothari while answering the non-stop questions asked by the students.

“Every student must be ready for the interviews and auditions, which is the trend in the industry now. Aim big to be a big man. Your desires must be backed and supported by honest work to be a successful person,” added Sandeep Marwah President Asian Academy of Film And Television.

Priyanka Kothari started her carrier with Madhavan in a film Jay Jay and no looking back. More than 30 feature films in Hindi, Tamil, Telgu and Malayalam are to her credit. Some of the famous films were Sarkar, Bullet Rani, Bin Bulaye Barati, Agyaat, Aag, Darling, Darna Zaroori Hai, Killer, Shiva and many more.



Spacegirl - 21 hours ago

These days, reading can become a more social activity, with all the different book clubs on social media that one can join. And not forgetting Bookstagram. It's through all these connections that I widen my scope of reading. 

I caught up with a bookstagram user recently for a book exchange. After the quick meet up, we chatted on Whatsapp and then came the question "Do you have a boyfriend?" 

I had not been asked this question in the longest time and was quite tickled by it. I thought I looked lesbian enough to most people. So I told her that I'm gay and she asked if I had a girlfriend. Then came the discussion on how tough it has been for me to find a compatible partner in an ever-shrinking pool of potential matches.

That reminded her of a local writing that she read once, and how she was moved to tears by it. She strongly recommended it to me.
Alfian Sa'at's The Invisible Manuscript is probably the most openly gay writing that I have come across in local literature. Although it's written from a gay man's perspective, I find resonance in many of Sa'at's poems. 

The one that strikes me the most is "Penmanship (for N)": 

"If I could gather all the premature full stops in your letters I would thread a bridge of ellipses back to where we left off, back to where we never started. My life's now a mess. You gave up your illusions on love so I could create my own."

Awesome words there.




I said yes on the 20th of May

stephie - 1 day ago

I said yes. It's a big step for me. One year ago I was asked this question but I didn't have the faith in myself. I couldn't make such promise. It's a life time commitment, so I had to think through it thoroughly. Could I do it then? Yes. But I was still hesitant of my level of faith. I knew this is the path I want to walk on, but in life everything can and does change. 

For every commitment I made believing it would last a life time, turned out I was proven wrong, so how can I be sure this time is different? And it is. If any part is to change it will only be me. So I need to be sure I am committing myself a life time once I say the 2 words.

So now after these exposures and training, my faith is growing and I feel I am becoming a more and more happy person and i finally agreed, on the 20th of May 2017. I said yes. I do.

Today is a new day. I start count down and look forward till my big day. 5 months to go. My big day taking refuge to Buddha.



tigertan - 2 days ago

我來到 你的城市 走過你來時的路

想像著 沒我的日子 你是怎樣的孤獨

拿著你 給的照片 熟悉的那一條街

只是沒了你的畫面 我們回不到那天

你會不會忽然的出現 在街角的咖啡店

我會帶著笑臉 揮手寒喧 和你坐著聊聊天

我多麼想和你見一面 看看你最近改變

不再去說從前 只是寒喧 對你說一句

只是說一句 好久不見


xanerious - 4 days ago

Never did I realised, how tall these walls are, built from fragments and shards, of broken memories and heartbreaks. 


My fortress.



Looking for a soulmate, someone to share everything with.

Ares374 - 4 days ago

Looking for a soulmate, someone to share everything with. Someone who shares my belief that we never stop growing individually professionally and personally and as a couple. I give all I have in a relationship and expect the same in return. Love to laugh and share new experiences with someone.. It's important that they are independent of mind and outlook but see the importance of being in a relationship..Someone who will take good care of me and show up much attention as well. E-mail: huntime374@gmail .com..They say that marriages are made in heaven. I want to find someone special to fly to heaven of passion and pleasure together. I am sure my destiny is here!



Love_Poet - 4 days ago

She who shall not be named.

Have you ever loved someone so much that after the wheel of times spins for years, and both of you have parted ways, and those brief yet beautiful memories are still etched to your heart and mind, like eternity?

I still think of her. I still think of her whenever I see a passing train that reminds me of the last day I saw her face and held her tight in my warm embrace for one last time. I still think of her when the nights seem lonely and the moon tends to shy away up above the sky, it feels as if she is still standing next to me, to feel her breath just an inch from my ears. I still think of her when I look at the sunshine on my window, to see her shadow walks by then disappears. I still think of her and I still do. While others might have thought that I have erased her name, buried the memories and forgotten the stories, she still lives in me. Sometimes it will be much easier to pretend and hide the truth, than to reveal everything that is inside your heart so no questions will be asked and no justifications have to be given. 

And as for now, let her be the secret of my heart.













Of moving on and letting go.

Love_Poet - 4 days ago

A broken heart can be mended.

I have seen so many broken hearts walking down the road of recovery with their head bowed down in outpouring tears and inconsolable grief. When hopes are dashed and vows are broken, what is there left to say and what is there left to do but to walk away and wish the other party nothing but all happiness that this world could ever offer. And what is more calming than walking in the rain with tears flowing heavily on the cheeks, a good disguise for those who refuse to conceal the matter of the heart from the naked eyes of strangers walking on the same path or driving around town when the night is drizzling with loud music turned on so that no one could hear your cries and wiles, surrending your broken heart and soul to the sad raindrops falling on the car's rooftop. The truth is, a broken heart might take years to be fully healed, a long journey to mend on and a winding road to retain the sanity of one's spirit and mind but in the end, this too shall pass. The day when you could look at those distant memories and feel as if they were just withering meadow leaves swept away by the gush of the whistling wind, that is the day when your wounds are going to start to heal. The past has no longer pierced you nor has it torn you apart. When you finally let go the attachment of the past hurt, that is when your moving on adventures will be unveiled and your hopes for the future will be unfolded.




How beautiful you are...

pisces76 - 4 days ago


Spacegirl - 6 days ago

Being in a relationship is not always fun, unless it's with a dog. 

A dog is not picky about food, doesn't expect presents on special days, is generally okay if you are messy, and won't complain if you are glued to Netflix or a book for hours. It doesn't care if you snore, accidentally kick it off the bed, or snap pictures of it in its most unglamorous poses. 


It doesn't argue with you over the most trivial stuff -- it doesn't argue at all!


It always wakes you up after the first alarm goes off and makes sure you don't snooze. It takes you out for walks and your mind off other people. 


Just let it take its time to sniff the grass, the concrete and other strange and yucky stuff that interests it along the way, and keep it cool when there are other dogs around.   

True love doesn't need much work. 


*Spacedog woofs in agreement. 


milaoshu - 1 week ago

milaoshu - 1 week ago

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.
No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.
No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.
No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.
No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.
A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.


About me

gaminmidwest - 1 week ago

I am an GAM, who a masculine, mature looking for a man.

I am not a stereotype of GAM of skinny, small, short...sorry.

into any guys besides talkative, skinny GAM.

lived in midwest in States for several years, yes... very midwest ...

lost all my contacts after back to my country.

now wish to meet a GWM~


xanerious - 1 week ago

Sometimes I wished I was brave enough to selishly leave a note behind.


But that's just ...... not who I am.... 


milaoshu - 1 week ago





Looking for a job

noby220 - 1 week ago

Getting older and older, It wil be diffic6lt to get a job. I m out of job almost  6 months.

but no luck for landing a new job. Few interviews were offered but all gone.



Spacegirl - 1 week ago

Spacegirl had been going out with this gal for a while and was so charmed by her that she began reeling in an inexplicable sense of happiness. They met often and every moment they spent together was laced with fun and laughter, and punctuated with a little flirting. 

Possibly 90% was all in her head, but all Spacegirl could think of was how happy she had been when they were out together. Ironically, that remaining 10% crept into her mind when she was heavily intoxicated in a club and occurred at that very instant when some hot chick came up to her and started kissing her. 


Spacegirl was stunned at first but somehow kissed the hot chick back. The kiss was nice, then not so nice when she remembered that there was this gal who she had been going out with. 


As she spent the rest of the night getting rid of the booze from her body and the hot chick away from her, she couldn't purge that weird sense of guilt that had assailed her mind. She and that gal had so far been mingling in the grey zone, so in reality, Spacegirl was single. So why that guilt?

Honest to a fault, Spacegirl confessed the happenings of the night before to that love interest of hers, who flew into a rage. It was unclear what could have caused that gal to be so enraged, but she called into question Spacegirl's character, which she found utterly deplorable, unbefitting of even a friend. 

While Spacegirl managed to salvage the "friendship" in the end, she was unable to restore that fun part of it. Yet, the episode had revealed the qualities that she would not want to find in a future partner. 


It had been an out-of-this-world experience for Spacegirl. She still found herself missing it sometimes, but nothing beat getting out of the grey zone and having her feet planted firmly back on earth. 




Chosen for a reason

ct_vision - 1 week ago

Another quiet Saturday. As Cuddles plays with his doggiehood friends, I'm taking some time to pen my thoughts and unclog my mind. 


Slept the whole day away today. I've got tons of work piled up all due for Monday. I just couldn't get myself out of bed. 


A friend dragged me out to an event last evening, then we went for dinner and drinks. She's been feeling down over her job. Same story I've heard from so many. She hates her job. I've heard this story from so many people over the last few years, I've started to realize this is the norm. Only the rare few people in this world actually love their job. 


I smiled, joked and tried to lift her spirits. Her parents don't agree with her choice of boyfriend, whom they don't see as a good provider. She's trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but she's not feeling it at the moment. While I listened and did my best to support her, I put aside the whole week of politics and emotional labour I carried. I told myself to smile and cheer up, I've done everything I could. Now I need to focus on holding my friend up. 


In all honesty, I told myself if she was my daughter, I'd need to be strong enough to take all that's going on in my world, and clock out of the office to still support her. My mentor was named by Bloomberg as the top 10 most power mums in the world. I honestly have no idea how she does it.   But I've got to start learning how. Last night was a good start. 



I have to compartmentalize. Never get emotional at work was her top advice to me. Things will never always go my way. Learn to take loses and come back bigger and stronger at some point. Self doubt is normal for all executives coming up the ladder. That's not a bad thing. It'll keep me learning and on my toes. She loved my mindset - No permanent friends, just permanent interests. Few people can understand this concept. I was chosen for a reason. 


13 May report.

incense - 1 week ago

Time to report on the fort nights events. First up is the biggest news.

1. I misplaced my wallet on Vesak day.  Left it at a food court. Called Giant hyper market but they said none was found. Turns up at the customer service counter after all. Case of front office not working with back office. Anyway everything was intact.

2. Because of that I decided to fix my durian cravings. I bought $40 worth of Musang King Mountain durians. The top grade. I also bought D24 durian puffs. Looks like a lot of food. By the way when I was at Giant on Wednesday, I also bought blood cockles to satisfy my desire for blood. Lol. 

3. Before that I went to sushi express to consume sashimi. But I am still hungering for more raw fish. I may go to Chinatown later to have Chinese style raw fish. I will also be going to yue hua emporium to buy some Chinese Art. Yes I cannot buy art that is so common that there is no resale value. 

4. It has been a long time since I had real relationship. Casual sex yes. Just went to two saunas if you read my blog. But so far after that  it has been a drought. I will be turning on my grindr etc tonight. Maybe can get some meat at Chinatown. Lol.

 5. The Malaysians are real slow when it comes to work. And it is worse because they also employ a lot of foreign labor. These guys are so lowly skilled and so unmotivated to work. It takes forever for them to do things. 

6. Mother Day is tomorrow and there is a sous vide machine for sale. Real cheap. I am going to get it. Cut down my cooking mistakes. So far for a few months I have been cooking rice and trying to use up what is in my fridge. I have not been baking and I have only make my bird nest and hashima tonics. Looking good.

7. I am so overworked I am going to buy more lottery tickets to increase my chances of striking. Oh I bought a moire clock. That is an optical illusion clock. It uses an overlay over an original picture to create an illusion. In this case it is of a horse running when the minute hand is running.

8. Talk about clocks I need to get a LED clock that lights up at night. Malaysia is so dark, I will need extra lights in the house so I don't knock intit off anything there. I am also intrigued by mantelpiece clocks. Should be getting one of those as well. 

9. I looked at Casio watches this week and I will also be getting a diving watch with solar function and triple sensor in the future. I may buy jockstraps. Finally found one that cost $8. Look sexy. What else will I buy. Lol. 

10. I bought 8 night lights with motion sensor. I got the idea from this guy I visited. He has one in every room including toilets so that he does not have to switch on the main light all the time. I do not need so many for my sg condo as it is quite bright and I have extra lamps. In Malaysia however it is ark and I do not want to hurt myself in the dark.

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