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Contemplating Life

straycat - 9 hours ago

First I was dying to finish high school and start college. And then I was dying to finish college and start working. And then I was dying to marry and have children. And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough for school so I could return to work. And then I was dying to retire.

And now I am dying...

And suddenly I realize I forgot to live.

- anonymous


Shopping service & export to your destination

thoshi7 - 10 hours ago

Hello everyone,

Currently, many tourists come to Bangkok and purchase many local stuff to sell in their homeland e.g. red bull clothes, soap, paiting, dried foods, spa stuff, I-phone cases, aroma palm, and so on. I am the one who likes going to the mall and weekend market in order to observe new goods and enjoy seeing people spend time together.

I can do personal shopping with well select, picking up stuff,and handle for delivery to your home--it sounds great that you dont need to fly to Bangkok or book ticket, do nothing!! Just stay home and chat with me on FB messenger or line or whatsapp for what you want then let me do it for you :) 

The service rate is reasonable--not high as you thought.

I am honest to my customers and trustful, no idea to cheat and stole your money! Based on my experience, I did shopping service when I traveled to Japan in past years and served customers in Thailand for what they ordered such as skin care products, dietary supplement goods, and IT stuff. If you are interested in my service why dont you just add my whatsapp +6695 665 42 59 or line ID thoshi385 and FB Tohwane then indicate which products from Thailand do you want me to buy for you? 

Thank you :)


ปล่อยมันไป (Sing-A-Long) Let It Go (Thai)

tokyofit - 16 hours ago

ปล่อยมันไป (Sing-A-Long) Let It Go (Thai)
ยังมีพายุซ่อนอยู่ภายใน หมุนวนเวียนว่าย
ถึงต้านทานเท่าไหร่ ฉันก็ห้ามไม่ได้
อย่าเปิดใจไป อย่าให้เขาเห็น
ต้องเป็นคนดี อย่างที่เขาสอนให้เป็น
ปกปิดในใจ อย่าให้เขารู้
สุดท้าย ก็รู้ ...
ปล่อยมันไป อย่างที่เป็น
ปล่อยออกมา เลิกซ่อนเร้น
เดินกลับหลัง หมดสิ้นเยื่อใย
ฉันไม่กลัว ปล่อยให้เขาพูดไป
จะไปสุดทาง ให้ใครได้ดู


I want a man who prizes loyalty to his Lover above all other virtues. Is that too much to ask

timothylover3030 - 16 hours ago

I want a man who prizes loyalty to his Lover above all other virtues. Is that too much to ask


Spacegirl - 1 day ago

I started watching the series Alone on History Channel lately. It's already the third season and in the first episode, one guy tapped out after he sat in the rain and started missing his family. It was only the second or third day he spent in the Patagonia wilderness. He mentioned something that he certainly had the survival skills to be there, but what's lacking in him was mental strength. The third man who tapped out had also felt the same. He said he could go without food, but he couldn't stand another day of not being with his wife and son. 

The season had ended months ago in the U.S. and I knew who the winner was. He was a family man as well, a boat builder who lived off the grid with his family. In episode 3, he realized that he was not getting the sun as it was blocked by a high mountain and Patagonia only had 9 hours of daylight in that season. Without getting the sun, he got depressed as sunlight helps generating serotonin in the brain. Knowing how important that he had to get into sunlight, he climbed to a high altitude just so he could bask in the sun. As he stood in the sun, he teared with gratitude.

After more than 30 days, he continued to persist, and busied himself building traps to catch ducks to obtain the much-needed protein in his diet. He, along with six others had not cracked under the weight of surviving alone in the wild yet. 

Keeping one actively occupied is certainly one way of beating loneliness, but I believe it's more than just getting busy. What's essential is one' lifestyle, which has to be well-balance in terms of diet, rest, exercise, creative pursuit, and the right amount of social life. On top of that, build up our mental strength and cultivate the art of solitude.

While the long weekend has brought about several social engagements, I find that what I need more is my solitude. So I cancel all of them and now I'm feeling totally at ease. 


xanerious - 1 day ago

I have so much to pour, but I just couldn't find the right words. 

How envious I am of writers and poets and people who could pen down their thoughts easily.


maybe, just maybe...


I am not ready. 


Sandeep Marwah Nominated Vice Chair for Peaceful Mind Foundation

asiannewsagency - 2 days ago

New Delhi: A well known International media personality and five times World record holder Sandeep Marwah has been nominated as the Vice Chairman of Peacful Mind Foundation as announced by the founder Dr. Nabhit Kapur.

Dr Nabhit Kapur said that PMF is the only Organization in India to work on Psychology and Peace. The aims of the organization are to Understand mental health from a psycho-social perspective, to Demonstrate the linkages between mental health, discrimination, poverty and access to justice and to de-stigmatizing mental health issues and creating both a demand and a supply for mental health care among the most marginalized communities.

Peacful Mind Foundation has already engaged in multiple awareness generation programs via community programs and social forums, multimedia campaigns, policy advocacy and partnerships with sector organizations, corporate entities, and schools.

“These activities are instrumental in integrating mental health concerns into general health concerns of the society and creating a demand for mental health care through identification of concerns,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios who is also chairing World Peace Development And Research Foundation.


Farewell to Fashion Students at AAFT SOFD 2017

asiannewsagency - 3 days ago

NOIDA: It was the last day for the students enrolled for diploma, graduation 2014-17 and post graduation courses 2015-17 at AAFT School of Fashion And Design. The juniors were excited in preparing for the farewell to their seniors.

“Wherever you are going to be on this earth, remember you will remain student of AAFT School of Fashion And Design. Your behavior, conduct, and professional attitude will reflect your institution. You must deal with the world gracefully,” said Sandeep Marwah President of AAFT to the out going students of AAFT.

“We have left no stone unturned in making you a professional and a good human being. Never stop learning if you want to grow in life,” said Ritu Lal Director of School of Fashion And Design.

A cake cutting ceremony was planned followed by an entertainment evening. The selected students were also presented with memento for their academic & co-circular achievents and Saransh Dogra of B.Sc interior design, Isha soni of M.Sc fashion communication, Janavi of diploma fashion and Kuldeep from diploma fashion were presented with Miss & Mr AAFT SOFD for the year 2017.



hollowSoul - 3 days ago

“never work with friends” 这句话我一直不认同,现在我投降,真的投降了。


本来以为单身就很安全 ,不必再承受感情事的煎熬







是我上辈子欠下的债吗? 那我吃素念佛行吗?







Spacegirl - 4 days ago

There were several conversations that I had engaged in lately that centered on relationships and what made them work. There were no conclusions. Perhaps it's because all of us who took part in the conversations were single, and had a number of failed relationships in the past. Who were we to talk about what made a relationship work? 

I looked back on my first and the last committed relationship that I had been in. The first one was my longest relationship, lasted almost 4 years. We experienced everything, from backpacking in countries that we both liked, living together, to coping with homophobia in her family. She was an extroverted individual, always the centre of attention amongst the friends. She cheated on me twice, the second time putting an end to the relationship. I found out about the first one only years later when we chanced upon each other. She casually mentioned it and had a good laugh; I didn't find it funny.

The last committed relationship ended a few years back. Again, I had to deal with her homophobic family. It was much harder this time, because the homophobia added pressure to almost every other aspect of our relationship. Then there was a death in my family; I lost someone very dear to me. Shortly after that, she cheated on me and left me for the third party. Years later, we met again, and strangely, I felt totally neutral about her.   

In the conversations on what makes a relationship work, there's the idea that perhaps now we have all the online dating sites and dating apps, hence, people have more options, which makes working on a relationship less practical than looking for a better alternative. Then again, a couple of decades ago, without all these dating sites and apps, the same thing had occurred. If we look further back, infidelity isn't something that is new to society. Maybe it's more rampant now, but I don't have the statistics to prove it. 

I believe it boils down to hardwork and perseverance. Some people just give up on things more easily than others. I don't dismiss the fact that there will be those that really stop loving their partners, but it's probably not love that get things started in the first place. Love has many guises, and not many of us can tell the difference. 

When we choose to be in a relationship with someone, we have given them the rights to hurt us, one way or another. But after it's over, we have to take back the rights. Feeling neutral towards the ex is the best state of mind that we can be in. Yet, don't forget that as much as you once loved this person, which brings pleasant thoughts, she had also dealt you the hardest blow that knocked you out. Don't tip that neutrality scale.  



Ridiculous ~~~next of kin

samsamsam - 4 days ago

Nurse: may i have your contact person's name, number and relationship

Me: Miss A, 12345678, friend

Nurse: may i have your next of kin as the contact person instead of friend

Me: why is that so?

Nurse: in case of emergency your next of kin can authorise the green light and in case of admission to ICU your next of kin can visit you....

Should we fight for the rights to change this stringent rule as well?

For ppl whose next of kin is their beloved wife... ... sad that they become mistress in the eyes of these authority group.

So wrong



Indian Professional Boxing Association Invites Superstar Holyfield

asiannewsagency - 4 days ago

New Delhi; “The Indian Professional Boxing Association is growing day by day. The interest with the public has been generated in a much bigger way than our own expectations. Interstate and international games have been planned to promote professional boxers in India,” said Sandeep Marwah Advisor to IPBA.

The superstar of the international boxing scene Holyfield has given his consent to be part of the board at India and shall be visiting soon to promote boxing in India confirmed Shahe Ali President of IPBA.

“We are keeping our fingers crossed and preparing grounds to receive Holyfield,” added Amjad Khan Vice President of the organization. The only federation for the professional boxing players- IPBA is now setting its presence and motivating people to come forward to support the association.

Evander Holyfield (born October 19, 1962) is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1984 to 2011. He reigned as the undisputed champion in both the cruiser weight and heavyweight divisions, being the first and to date only boxer in history to do so, which earned him the nickname of “The Real Deal”. Holyfield is the only four-time world heavyweight champion, having held the WBA, WBC, IBF, and lineal titles.


Love is...?

thequeen - 4 days ago

Living together is tough. It's been more than a year and no kidding, sometimes I worry if we can even be together like this for the rest of our lives. 

I hate it when you wreck yourself with anxiety over stuff that warrant nary a frown. Like as if I don't exist. Like as if this is YOUR thing to deal with, not OURS. This is a WE, babe. We have to deal with it together.

Sometimes I feel you don't trust me at all. Things I told you to chill over and relax, you would never believe me until someone else tells you the same advice. You just don't believe in me as much as I in you.

What do I know, huh. I don't have a degree like you. And all I know is serving food. I am not in the industry you're in. Is that why you don't trust in me at all?

You asked me if one day I'll leave you because you are paranoid. Well I sure damn will if you don't have faith in me, in US. In this thing we call Love.

You are not only my princess, but a child, still too afraid of the sidewalk on a busy highway. You want to fly but you have yet to overcome the fear of falling.

I am not afraid. Not because I have some manic source of faith in some amulet that doesn't exist. I am calm, I am not anxious and vexed not because I am too lazy to emote. But because I can see what you are and what you are not. And I can see clearly that you can be more than what you have become.

Please stop worrying like as if all of our problems are on your shoulders. You are not Atlas. And I am not a princess waiting for you to earn big bucks to take care of me. I am not a goddess you have to worship at your knees with impossible treasures.

Until you can see the queen I really am, there is no way I can promise to be by your side forever.


looking for sexy massage from women

leo_akita - 4 days ago


U can practise on me if u are learning. Example, massage course. Or just for fun or curiosity. Emphasis on "sexy" massage a.k.a. erotic/sensuous.  Long slim hands & fingers would be nice.



hc_tennis - 5 days ago



Sandeep Marwah Invited Artist to School of Performing Arts

asiannewsagency - 5 days ago

New Delhi: If you don’t love music or any other art you are not a complete human being. Art brings you close to almighty. Only those people can make it big in creative or performing arts who have passion for it,” said Sandeep Marwah President of AAFT at the inauguration of a musical evening at Lok Kala Manch.

Sai Newspaper organized a grand musical evening on the occasion of 8th anniversary. Large numbers of people from different strata of life and music lovers from all over Delhi were invited to Sufiana Evening.

“I would love to invite all the artists to perform for AAFT School of Performing Arts and would love to cover them at Radio Noida and MSTV. It will not only promote the artists but also give the students of AAFT SOPA to learn more,” added Marwah.

The Director Neerja Bhasin for promoting Music in India honored Sandeep Marwah with SAi Award. “Sandeep Marwah is one of the most popular music lovers in the artist community for his practical approach to life,” complimented Neerja Bhasin.


Love is just an addiction

lightweight - 5 days ago



I was reading about the recent disasters in UK, the Grenfell Fire, the terrorist attack at Finsbury Park, and the latest, terror attack outside a mosque in London.  Seriously, when you thought about all the victims, the terror that shot through their soul when faced with this disasaters, it suddenly made all your problems seem so so small doesn't it? 

"You are complaining about your gf that dumped you? Do you know someone just burnt to death? Shame on you"

Ok, that might be legitimate, and yes, we are not suffering in times of disaster that happened to our europe counterparts.  Fortunately, most of us are not suffering during this time of war, drought, terror and sad disasters.  We are cacooned in our safe country, enveloped by big lands around us that secured us from the likes of tsunami or major hurricanes.  We, as a community, are blessed.


So what do blessed people do?  Well, of course they go and get their heart broken and then suffer through the consequences a broken heart bestowed. Broken heart can not be compared to being burnt or being stabbed of course, but those that are currently suffering from it might even hope that they are the victms of violence.  Broken heart is real, it is painful, you can't breathe, you can't move, you cry all the time, you drank all the time, you die inside.  It is very real so do not ever let someone put you down by saying that you can easily get over it. 


So why do we do that?  Going from one broken heart to another?  Are we really so resilient  and stupid that we constantly need to challenge the elasticity of our heart, to see how much torture it can endure before breaking?  Do we really need that much attention?


Truth is, according to studies by Helen Fischer, and her studies sourced from Nobel laureate Eric Kandel, in neuroscience, romantic love is basically an addiction.  Addiction not like you constantly seek the high from falling for multiple partners, although if that is your thing, who am I to judge, but mostly about being addicted to the one person, the one person who breaks your heart, who breaks you. 


This form of addiction is devastating, it is akinned to the addiction towards substance and gambling.  Imagine that, it is like being addicted to Cocaine (my ex was addicted to coke, trust me, it wasn't fun). 


So what exactly constittutes addiction? 


"Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.

Addiction is characterized by inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response. Like other chronic diseases, addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission. Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death."   According to ASAM.


Phew, that's a lot of words just to describe addiction, I am no medical professional, so I will layman it and said basically addiction is when we aimed to do something for a reward, which could be a praise, it could be promise of sex, hugs, kisses, a relationship, a pat on the head (if that's your thing), oh and yes and love returned.  This idea of rewards are so promising  that we couldn't abstain ourselves from believeing that we cannot survive without it.  


Ok, back to love being an addiction, while it doesn't sound as dire as addiction towards substance (effing cocaine) it is however related to something in our brain called amygdala, same area that is trigger on substance addiction FYI. This tiny little almond shaped place controls our emotions, oh and fun note, this part of the brain also determines if you are gay / straight, so yeah, we were predisposed to a certain preference since we were born #LoveWins HA! 


Uh, ok, back to amygdala, when we fall for someone, that high (you know that high) gets our amygdala (and also hippocampus but lets not get too deep into this huh?) into overdrive. Oh another fun note, this place also controls your fear, so... for a subtance abuser, it is a fear of never getting back that high again.  For a person in love, it is the fear of losing the person s/he loves most.  Think about jealousy, insecurity, paranoia.


When we fall for someone, we go through the same thing that a person goes through when on substance abuse.  We get that sudden burst of energy, that relief, that sense of belonging, that high, when we fall in love, we felt like we could do anything for this person.  Some might even think that they could die for the person they love, or to beat the shit out of someone for saying bad things about their love one.  We also get depressed when the loved one doesn’t reciprocate. Oh I forgot to emphasize, this whole falling for someone thing doesn’t necessarily mean the person felt the same way about us, the brain plays enough trick on us to ensure even single sided love is enough to trigger this addiction.


So we will live and die for the person who love, we will even break our bank for them (how is that different from cocaine addiction?), we buy things we don't need because they wanted them, we coddles them, we feel pain when they were sad, we want to see them happy, see them smile, see them touch us physically and emotionally, sometimes we are happy enough that they liked a post on facebook or responded to our whatsapp with a heart emoji (we are THAT pathetic).  These are all mental highs, it is nothing but mental highs from an addiction.  We sometimes even convinced ourselves that we can change ourselves to suit their schedule, their needs, their principles, their religion and their desire so long as they “reward” us with that occasional heart emoji (pathetic).


That is all well and good, but when someone broke our heart, when we finally realized that there is no way we can proceed with this “relationship” or unrequited love, we will then go into withdrawals, similar to that of drug abuse.  We would feel depressed, wondered if they texted, missing that heart emoji, real physical pain in ways that we couldn't even explain it, we feel like we can't survive without them, some might succumb to stalking (fb pages, whatsapp last login, instagram) very similar to substance abusers who think they can remove the addiction but taking "less" or smoking "less".  We might even be suicidal because the pain and the need for the high is just overwhelming.  Some of us actually do take our own lives, stupid, stupid, stupid. 


Like most substance abuse, we can get out of this addiction, what we need is just time, a strong social system and enough resilience.  Rule of thumb, it usually take 1/3rd the time to get over someone for the amount of time you fall for him or her.  So… if you are in love with the person for 1 year, it should take about 4 months for you to get the sense of reprieve.  If it was a 6 years relationship, 2 yrs to get over it fully.. if it was a 15 years relationship, then buddy, you are pretty screwed, sorry.  It is just too bad that there is no Rehabilitation Center for Heart Breaks, investment opportunity? 


So what does this entail? How would an article based on diminishing love to nothing but chemical misfiring in the brain help? Well, for one thing, if you are stricken with heartache from love loss now, hopefully you can understand that it is just your brain playing tricks on you.  Regardless of how rational and methodical you are, trust me, no one can really fight our own brain, none of us are shielded from the devastation that love can bestow, unless you destroy your amygdala, but seriously,  do you want to lose all empathy and be a psychotic killer?  


So heartache, we read about it, we listened to music about it, we wrote about it and then it became immortalized into ancient scriptures where love affect every human kind from all walks of life. 


Remember, it is an addiction, it doesn’t make you weak, the strongest and richest people can die from substance abuse.  You are not weak, you are kinda pathetic but that is ok.  You will get better from it and eventually you might even feel a sense of relief that you broke away from a love that was never meant to be.  You will heal. 


In the meantime, let’s pray for London.





leo_akita - 6 days ago

Half kidding. Any rich handsome sexy woman wants to provide money in exchange for some intimacy? I'm always broke. Unfortunately.

No Strings Attached. If u can sponsor, I can concentrate on my writing. I'm low maintenance. I just need my laptop. If I can live on air, I will.

What I don't like: tongue twisting round & round in my mouth. And being sucked.


design freebie from japan

pandaaa - 6 days ago

does enyone want high-quarity design freebies from japan?


all you need is an active email address for subscription.

google translate is set on the sites, no worry about language at all.

photo --- https://goo.gl/sfihdD

drawing --- https://goo.gl/51ffJu

silhouette --- https://goo.gl/Vsihqf

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