18 Apr 2017

South Korea Military Allegedly Outs Gay Soldiers

South Korea’s military chief has come under fire by activists after reports that the military tracked down homosexual military personnel.

Human rights groups called on South Korea’s military chief to resign after reports that he launched a nationwide probe to “out” homosexuals serving int the military.

According to campaign group the Military Human Rights Center for Korea (MHRCK), General Jang Jun-kyu, the army chief of staff, has launched a “track-down process” to locate and expose suspected gay personnel.

It is alleged that up to 50 soldiers have been outed after being lured in by fake profiles on popular gay dating apps. It has been reported that 20 personnel are now facing serious charges.

Although homosexual sex is legal in South Korea, same-sex activity in the army is punishable by one year’s imprisonment.

“Gen Jang is obviously incapable of leading the army,” MHRCK said in a statement.

“He treated his men who did their best to protect their homeland as if they were culprits and made them suffer the most horrible fear—losing personal dignity.

“He must take responsibility and resign immediately."

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